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Harmless Cigarette is clinically studied and proven to help with quitting.

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  • What is Harmless Cigarette™

    If you’re just hearing about Harmless Cigarette for the first time. Harmless Cigarette™ is a pure and natural therapeutic quit smoking aid. It replicates similar features of a regular cigarette and can be used to simulate smoking which can help satisfy cravings, distract you from getting smoking cravings, overcome smoking behaviors such as, oral fixation, hand to mouth gestures and curb many other habits associated with smoking. Harmless Cigarette also provides you with a satisfying solution that you can use to hold and puff on at all times to help overcome the urge to smoke and make quitting easier. You can enjoy using Harmless Cigarette anytime and anywhere to satisfy your cravings without the harmful effects of smoking or vaping! Harmless Cigarette is a tested and proven method that helps thousands of people successfully quit smoking each year!

  • What makes it different from tobacco cigarettes or e-cigarettes?

    Unlike traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes, Harmless Cigarette is pure & natural, it’s non-electric, smokeless and vaporless. It Does Not contain any nicotine, tobacco, liquids or addictive chemicals like those found in tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Harmless Cigarette™ feels and looks like a cigarette, and uses a proprietary non-electric air filter to help you satisfy cravings to smoke or vape without the harmful effects of smoking or vaping.

  • Can Harmless Cigarette be used with nicotine products?

    Harmless Cigarette can be used by itself or together with NRT products. Many customers who quit with Harmless Cigarette say they found it to be very helpful when they used it together with patches and gum, since Harmless Cigarette helped them reduce their cravings to smoke by holding and puffing on it, and also gave them additional relief throughout the quit journey which was very useful and satisfying. 

    Harmless Cigarette is a great detox remedy to reduce cravings and help fight nicotine withdrawal symptoms without any harmful chemicals like those found in tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes and nicotine products.

  • How long does Harmless Cigarette last?

    A single Harmless Cigarette can last 2,000 puffs or more depending on how often it’s used. Many customers that quit using Harmless Cigarette say it lasted 1-2 weeks at a time for them with regular use. For best results we recommend using a new Harmless Cigarette at least once a week or as often as you feel necessary until you finally successfully quit smoking.